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Customers want e-learning And the proof is in the numbers

E-Learning has been enjoying unprecedented growth in the last few years and that growth is
expected to skyrocket. If you are not providing your customers with E-Learning, you're missing out.

The size of the E-Learning market was estimated to be over $165 billion in 2015 and is likely to grow by 46% between 2016 and 2023, exceeding $240 Billion.
Online learning is preferred by learners. In fact, 84% of learners think online learning technology helps instructors teach more effectively.
71% of academic leaders rate online learning outcomes the same or superior to face-to-face training.
Online learning adoption and usage has increased by 263% over the past 12 years.
Online learning increases learner interaction and engagement by up to 77%.
Companies that use E-Learning have the ability to boost productivity by up to 50%.

turn e-learning into business growth

Learning Platform For Training Organizations

Whether you want a basic stand-alone LMS or require a fully customized E-Learning marketplace built to your exact requirements, by combining the right tools, services and resources in the right "mix", we can provide you with the exact solution you need quickly and cost-effectively.

Our platform is content agnostic which means that you can sell and deliver any courses in any format - our courses, your courses or learning resources from 3rd- party content suppliers.

Course Content For Training Orgnizations

We provide the highest quality courses at the lowest possible price so that our resellers can generate high volume sales with good margins for themselves while providing an excellent value proposition to their customers.

Our courses can be delivered to your customers through a platform provided by us, your LMS or 3rd- party platforms. And if we do not have the courses you're looking for, we can source it from our network of partners.


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